Initiated in 2019, SporkDAO is the evolution of ETHDenver to a community-owned organization. SporkDAO has four prongs for durability and sustainability.

The purpose is to #BUIDL Colorado as a destination of choice and to #BUIDL the decentralized future.

Community Members are incentivized to engage in certain patronage activities by earning $SPORK Rewards.

introducing sporkΞ

  • A cute and cuddly utensil
  • Best friends with the Spork Marmot
  • The #BUIDLing instrument of choice for all Bufficorns worldwide
  • Official Global Ambassador of $SPORK
  • 4 durable prongs for sustainability & utility

the spork story

Spork character concept art.

why spork?

A Spork is the most utilitarian instrument in the known world. It can be used to eat, dig, attack, defend, and, mostly notably, #BUIDL. Bufficorns, PegaBufficorns, MegaPegaBufficorns, and BuffiGWEI all choose the $SPORK as their tool of choice when collaborating to #BUIDL the decentralized future.
Parts of the SporkDAO Community: $SPORK Rewards, SporkDAO.
SporkDAO believes that community is the lifeblood of ETHDenver.

$SPORK Rewards are our way of incentivizing Community Members to engage in patronage activities.

$SPORK action

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