$spork token

$spork distribution

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Thank you for your support and we'll see you in the metaverse!
  • $SPORK is the unit of account to measure patronage in SporkDAO, LCA (the legal wrapper for SporkDAO).
  • If SporkDAO has profits, Members can vote to distribute the profits to $SPORK holders pro-rata.
  • Members holding $SPORK can vote in snapshot polls and/or stake in Prongs to be more deeply involved in the community and earn additional $SPORK Rewards.

earning $spork

$SPORK is how we reward our community for contribution of creativity and value.

Community members who have made ETHDenver a success thus far will receive retroactive $SPORK Rewards. In the future there will be lots of ways to earn $SPORK.

earn $spork rewards by...

  • Submitting a qualified project at the annual ETHDenver #BUIDLathon
  • Stewards, Sponsors, Attendees, Speakers, Volunteers, or Mentors at ETHDenver
  • Contributing to one or more of the SporkDAO Prongs
  • Purchase swag, merch or NFTs
  • Sponsor ETHDenver
  • Make grants to Bufficorn Ventures or the ColoradoJam Incubator
  • Stay tuned for more ways to earn $SPORK in the future!
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