$SPORK is a Community patronage token.

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Community Members are a core pillar of SporkDAO.

Check out the forum for discussions and to give feedback.
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the spork prongs


With its genesis in 2018, ETHDenver is the birthplace of #BUIDL. Subsequently, the event gave rise to the Bufficorn, Spork Marmot, PegaBufficorn, BuffiGWEI, and now SPORKΞ. ETHDenver will continue focus on the world's largest Web3 #BUIDLathon & Community Innovation Festival. 
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Introduced in 2020, ColoradoJam is a collaboration with the State of Colorado. In support of Governor Jared Polis’ proclamation of Colorado as the “First Digital State”, the ColoradoJam Incubator will fuel Web3 projects alongside the State of Colorado to solve real world problems.
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bufficorn ventures

Our newest Prong of the spork, Bufficorn Ventures provides ongoing support to post-hackathon projects birthed at ETHDenver. Run by the community, Bufficorn Ventures has the flexibility to make grants or do more traditional investments. 
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The most important prong of the Spork. The other prongs simply could not exist without our global community. With 40,000+ unique contributors from over 100 countries over 4 events, the SporkDAO community is a powerful example of the decentralized future.
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