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The original Team Bufficorn character. 2019 was billed as the Year of the Bufficorn. A hybrid between the magical, fantastical Unicorn and the Colorado Buffalo, the Bufficorn brings the best of both breeds to a single species. Both collaborative and mystical, for a benevolent animal.

The full origin story on the Bufficorn can be found HERE.
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ETHDenver 2020 was the year of the PegaBufficorn. Evolved from its 14’er grazing, the PegaBufficorn desired to explore the moon and beyond. Yet another hybrid was created between the Bufficorn and the mighty Pegasus. Now free to explore unknown ether, the PegaBufficorn is a truly majestic creature.
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Spork Marmot

2021 featured the Spork Marmot as its Master of Ceremonies. As the best friend and companion to the PegaBufficorn, the Spork Marmot, assists in navigation to ensure a smooth flight. Also known for insane VR skydiving and inventing the $SPORK; the tool of choice of the entire Team Bufficorn.
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At ETHDenver 2022, we paid homage to our roots. BuffiGWEI are the smallest unit of account in the Bufficorn Team. Not to be underestimated by their size, they wield great power in fueling and inspiring Team Bufficorn. Their creativity is second to none and are relentless in their pursuit of learning.
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For the upcoming 2023 ETHDenver installation, the newest member of Team Bufficorn is SPORKΞ. Global Ambassador, SPORKΞ is a cute, cuddly, and incredibly utilitarian utensil. SPORKΞ is happiest when resting up after a long day of #BUIDLing and reading his favorite book, “B is for Bufficorn; A Rhymsical Journey Through Cryptoland.”
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